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Jist: Founded in 2007, flash fashion sales site Secretsales works with over 600 brands to provide users with new sales every day.
Jist: Online fashion rental service Girl Meets Dress, founded in 2009, is an example of the collaborative consumption trend in the industry.
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Srijan is a seed stage incubation and investment firm.
We incubate start-ups where we take an active role till the firm reaches product-market fit, and has a defined business and revenue model.
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This site contains a selection of tools you will find useful when building, measuring, and enhancing your apps.
Once you have a first version of your app running, you can use the tools on this site to get it into the hands of users and to get paid.
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However, what can be better than a homestay where you not only relax and study the local culture, but also learn a bit about the history of the region, through interesting anecdotes.
Arakal heritage homestay, Alapupuzha
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Holidify helps you discover destinations, explore weekend getaways, sightseeing and things to do in India.
Holidify is the ultimate website for comprehensive information about travel in India.
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Perdomo co-founded GoTenna with her brother, Jorge Perdomo, who is a systems architect.
The company’s patent-pending decentralized networking platform currently supports text messaging and location sharing via off-line maps, but has the potential to support other communication formats, according to its creators.
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If you followed our coverage of the Oscars, the Sochi Olympics, Super Bowl, Grammys, Golden Globes and the State of the Union, you already know that Inside is redefining the live blog for the mobile age.
Next we’ll be taking on SXSW when it kicks off this week and we’ll take Inside’s live blogs to the next level, covering all the panels, parties, performances, promotions and premieres.
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