Pugmarking & Discovery

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Bookmark button

Drag the Pugmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

You've clicked on the bookmarklet. Instead, drag it onto your bookmarks bar, and then click on it


  1. Enable your bookmarks bar
  2. Drag the bookmarklet button on the right to the bookmarks bar
  3. Browse to some page you are reading, and click on the pugmarklet

What's a Pugmark?

When you are on a page you like, Pugmark it.

  • Pugmarking helps surface fantastic content that you'll like, everyday.
  • Pugmarks are visible to people who follow you on Pugmarks.me. When they are on a related page, your pugmarks will get recommended.
  • Your tweets are considered as Pugmarks, if you've connected your Twitter account with us.

How do you discover?

  • Pugmarks.me's chrome extension understands your context - reading an article, or checking a person's LinkedIn profile.
  • Pugmarks.me identifies the core ideas and themes behind the context you are in, and surfaces content worthy of your context.
  • Content from your Web of Interest is prefered. Your pugmarks also influence the recommendations you see.
  • If you choose to use the bookmarklet, just click on it - whenever you want to be wow'ed by recommendations.